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IOB001/Nacht010: SUBVERTIO DEUS - Psalms of Perdition (CD: 500, Available)

IOB002: SWARÞ - Swarth (MC: 100, Sold-out)

IOB003: EMIT - Emit (MC: 100, Available)

IOB004: SUBVERTIO DEUS - Illumination of the Black Sun (MC: unlimited, Sold-out)

IOB005: SWARÞ - Þy Tayl Is Deeth Þurgh Þyn Envenymynge (MC: 100, Sold-out)

IOB006/Flame40: MORTUUS - De Contemplanda Morte (MC: 100/200, Sold-out)

IOB007: 13th MOON - The Pale Spectre Over the Worm (MC: 100/50, Sold-out/Sold-out)

IOB008/EHP001: AXIS OF PERDITION - Corridors (MC: 150, Available)

IOB009: UNDYING - A Haunt Within The Mist (MC: 100, Sold-out)

IOB011: SWARÞ - Mors Rex Salvator Hominum (MC: 100, Sold-out)

IOB012: ABYSSAL - Novit Enim Dominus Qui Sunt Eius (MC: 150, Sold-out)

IOB013: DEATH KARMA - A Life Not Worth Living (MC: 100, Sold-out)

IOB014: VORAGE - Vorage (MC: 100, Sold-out)

IOB015: YSENGRIN - To Endotaton (MC: 100, Sold-out)

IOB016: ADUSTUM - Searing Fires and Lucid Visions (MC: 159, Available)

IOB017: DOMINUS IRA - Negotium Parambulans In Tenebris (MC: 100, Available)

IOB018: 13th MOON - Abhorrence of Light (MC: 250, Sold-out)

IOB019: KRINGATotal Mental Desecration (MC: 200, Available)

IOB020: KAOSOPHIAThe Origin of Extinction (MC: 100, Sold-out)

IOB021: DO SKONUCold Streams of Death (MC: 150, Available)

IOB022: ADVERSARY - Adversary (MC: 50, Sold-out)

IOB023: FUNERAL THRONE - Threshold (MC: 100, Available)

IOB025: AUROCH - Taman Shud (MC: 200, Available)

-/-/IOB026: ABYSSAL Pericherosis (3xMC BOXSET: 50/150, Available)